Commerce - Blanes-Costa Brava


Even though it has experienced important growth in recent years, Blanes (Costa Brava) still has the air of a romantic fishing village with its port presiding over its coastal waters. The Blanes fish market, equiped with the most advanced technology, is a center of constant activity and is responsible, day after day, for the seafood that eventually graces our tabletops. Every afternoon, from Monday to Friday, a fish auction takes place.

The centre's commercial zone is one of the most important in the region and has been key in attracting buyers from neighboring towns. Commerce is one of the most dynamic sectors, with more than 1,000 stores spread throughout the urban nucleus. Fruits and vegetables, the result of agriculture taking place in the areas surrounding the city, are guaranteed fresh daily by agricultural workers that set up shop on Paseo de Dintre. In and of itself, the Blanes Market is made up of a hundred stands where one can find all the basic necessities. In addition, on Mondays, along the Paseo de Mar, a market is mounted that offers shoppers clothing items, souvenirs and all types of accessories.