Beaches-Blanes-Costa Brava


Living face to face with the SEA

As a fishing village, as an important port with a fish market, or as a touristic destination, the sea is the backbone of the municipality. The four-kilometre coastline, divided into coves with large beaches, is recognized year after year for its quality, it's wide range of services, and the possibility to partake in all types of sports. Blanes (Costa Brava) lives face-to-face with the Mediterranean, and the Maritime Passage was concieved with this in mind, an open space that serves as a meeting point for those that want to stroll along and contemplate the sea.



  • Treumal

    The smallest beach of the four at the edge of the Blanes municipality and that which is situated at the northernmost point, surrounded by landscape declared a National Area of Natural Interest much like Pinya de Rosa.

  • Sant Francesc

    A beach surrounded by pines. It is ideal for families due to its dimensions and facilities. There are various points of access from the town, but you can also get there by passing along the Marimurtra botanical garden as if going to Sant Joan. It is also known as Cala Bona

  • Santa Anna

    A small beach situated behind the Blanes port. Below the Blanes Convent, it's commonly known as the beach of the Capellans.

  • Blanes

    A beach situated in the center of the town next to the port and to the right of Sa Palomera. It's the physical beginning of the Costa Brava.

  • S'Abanell

    This is the largest Blanes beach, situated on the left side of the Sa Palomera rock. It stretches to the mouth of the Tordera river, where Blanes' most touristic area is located, with a complete range of services on offer.